Review of Omron HJ-303 GoSmart Tri-Axis Pocket Pedometer

For those walking or running enthusiasts who are looking for an accurate pedometer that works just about anywhere you place it on your body, then the Omron HJ-303 GoSmart Tri-Axis Pocket Pedometer may be for you.

I never thought that a pedometer could be such an important part of a fitness plan, but now that I know, I’m glad I got this one.

The Omron HJ-303 uses “Smart Sense” technology to accurately measure steps and calories burned at any angle you place it. That means you can hold the pedometer while working out, or use the included clip or just throw it in your pocket, when you’re ready for a walk or a run, or just keep it on you all the time to see how much you’re actually walking in a day. Either way, you’ll get good results.

We all know that pedometers aren’t perfect, but this one has been very good for me, and I am very picky when it comes to technology. I manually counted my steps (yes… I can count and walk at the same time) and it didn’t miss one.  I find this model to be highly accurate and reliable.

Omron HJ 303 Product features

The thing I like most about the HJ-303 model is it’s design. It’s a small rectangle with smoothly rounded edges so it slips easily in and out of your pocket. That’s why I like the included pocket clip. You won’t lose it if it falls out.

Also, the pedometer is easy to set up. All you need to do is measure 10 steps and the pedometer does the rest.  It starts counting your steps, and it keeps track of the distance too.  It seems to keep pretty accurate mileage, but you might want to use ten steps of your running stride if you’re primarily going to use it for running.

There is a daily mode and a trip mode. This way you can keep track of certain workouts, you’re weekly totals… whatever you want. The trip mode is easy to reset.

It also keeps seven days of history.  Pat uses this function to “step up” his steps.  When he first started using a pedometer he made a game of making sure that he always got more steps in a day then he did the last.

I also like the fact that it has a sleep mode. The display shuts off after 5 minutes. This is great for saving battery power.

One minor drawback of the Omron HJ-303 GoSmart Tri-Axis Pocket Pedometer that there is no reset button for the daily mode. If you’re like Pat, and you keep track of every step, it’s not a big deal, but if you want to track just one workout you have to use trip mode.

While I am not a running enthusiast, I do believe walking is a great way to keep in shape. This little device encourages me to keep moving. I work from home during the day, so it’s too easy to stay at my desk, not moving around much. You might say… sedentary.  Not anymore!  I’m big on accountability, and, somehow, this little device holds me accountable.  I put it in my pocket in the morning, and check it periodically during the day.  If my step count looks a little low as the day wears on, it motivates me to get up and move around.

Now I stand while I work.  There are lots of benefits to standing rather than sitting (maybe I’ll get around to talking more about that in a later post), but the most important one is that it’s easy to pace around a bit.  Keeps me on my toes… so to speak.  And those steps add up!

So if you’re an avid walker or runner and would like to measure your steps, this is a great device.  If your not too big on walking or running, the Omron may change your mind!

I highly recommend the Omron HJ-303 GoSmart Tri-Axis Pocket Pedometer. I’ve tried some of the others, and this one is the best yet.  If you care about accuracy of your next pedometer and need something very practical and accurate this pedometer is for you.

If you like to learn more about the pedometer. Please click the link below:

Omron HJ-303 GoSmart Tri-Axis Pocket Pedometer

–       John

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