The Return of The Fat Man?

Well, it’s been a while since I posted too, but I got a lot done. For one, I spent Labor Day with 3 neighbors and drank a quarter keg and 2 cases of Land Shark. Nothing says “get ‘er done” more than that. Needless to say, I gained 10 pounds over the summer. To tell you the truth, I didn’t care at the time. All I wanted was to have a great summer. That was accomplished with plenty of family time, less work and lot’s of beer drinking. All wearing my speedo and flip flops. To hell with the neighbor’s eyesight.

After that it was back to the stresses of work and dealing with the bullshit of losing weight. By October I was all ready pissed about it. I didn’t want to bother with the stresses that are involved with losing weight anymore. Then I had an epiphany. Losing weight shouldn’t be stressful. Sound familiar?

The Epiphany

So I came to the realization that I was back to my old ways of losing weight. By that I mean that I found myself doing things that I hate to do. You know what happens then, right? You wind up hating of all this bullshit and you don’t wanna do it anymore. It becomes a chore. The guilt wears you down.
So I decided that I just want to be healthy. I need a healthy way of eating that I can enjoy and benefit from at the same time. I need to avoid the life styles that promote starvation and depression. That’s what I really want. What’s the point of going from a pre-diabetic to a suicidal maniac?

Let’s not forget… losing weight can be unhealthy. Just take a look at some of these folks that starve themselves. They look miserable. They feel miserable. They look sickly. They feel sickly. And are they any healthier for it? No. They’re miserable and sickly. There’s no reason to lose weight if the end game is not going to be optimal health.

I’ve always been what fighters call a heavy weight (206-265)1, but a fat fuck is something I shouldn’t be. Maybe I can get down to a light heavy weight (186-205)1, but a bantam weight? Doubtful. But who cares?

I’m not going to worry about the numbers anymore. The numbers suck. They’re garbage. It’s a total distraction from what I really need to do, and that’s be healthy. Sometimes it takes 2 weeks of hard work to make that dial on the scale move, but I’m not going to worry about that anymore. I mean, I’ll still be glad to report the numbers to you to keep that “Biggest Loser” feeling on here, but I’m gonna judge myself more by how I feel, than by what the dial says.

So where am I at now?

I’m hovering around the 240 to 245 range. I lost 45 lbs since the beginning of the year. Like I said, the weight loss is a symptom of what I gained. First and foremost, I feel really good. My clothes are starting to feel comfortable again.

I am fitting into my skinny jeans again (size 42 waist)! No more Casual Male for me!

I’m also a participant in life again. I’m active with my kids and I can run around without getting out of breath. I’m feeling good about getting off the couch without some type of small incident happening.

How did I do it? Was it Fit for Life? The Primal Blue Print? Paleo? Muay Thai? I’ll let you know in my next post… if I get around to it.


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