Getting Things in Motion… Again

Wow what a weekend. The Yankees are beating Cleveland. That’s a good since they choked last week against Boston. Also, the UFC had some great fights. Junior dos Santos beat Shane Carwin and is now the number one contender for the UFC Heavyweight title. So now it’s back to work for me.

Well, today I go back to training after taking off the last month. I’m nervous about all the pain I am bringing on myself. I shouldn’t have taken off for that long. The excuses I have are that I’ve been so busy with work and family issues that I couldn’t get to the gym. STILL… I could have moved my fat ass to work out at least once a week. Which leads me to my next thought.

I’ve decided that since I’ve been very busy these days, that I’ll only be working out once or twice a week.  It’s what I feel is realistic until things calm down, but according to our resident Primal Guru, Pat, once or twice a week should be good enough… as long as I keep up with my diet.  Ok, so I’m not working out as frequently as I think I should. However, I am game. Remember we are just doing our best here. You do what you can do and that’s it!

So since I’ll only be working out twice a week. I’ll need to make it my best effort. In line with The Primal Blueprint (and the Primal Blueprint Fitness ebook, which you can download for free at moving around a lot at a slow pace, lifting heavy things (myself), and I’ll be sprinting once in a while.  So that should get’er done. That means I will go to kick boxing twice a week. I can’t think of a better way to get all lifting and explosive movements in.

I’m thinking that in the future- when I get more conditioned- that I may start doing P90X in the morning. Hopefully by then I’ll be strong enough to scrape the dust off of the DVDs.

As for my eating plan, I am set up for eating Primal all week. However, I will eat more in a Warrior Diet format where I under eat during the day and have a big meal at night. This will be perfect for me since I will be starving after kickboxing class tonight.

The main thing is stay with the diet.  We’ll see what happens. Until next time…John



John’s got a pretty good plan going on there.  As much as I like busting his chops, I don’t think the not working out part is all that bad.  Though I’m not too familiar with the Warrior Diet (YES!  Found one that’s not on my bookshelf), my understanding is that it’s essentially IFing (intermittent fasting) more or less every day, and that falls right in line with The Primal Blueprint.  As long as that “under eating” isn’t too fruit heavy, and the one large meal is completely Primal.

Here’s what I’m trying to get John to understand:  Follow the eating plan, and the rest will fall into place.  Eat well and clean, don’t be afraid of fat, keep your carbs low, etc… and you won’t believe the things that start happening.


The Taube’s books explained to me why I had the energy to exercise after I nailed down the eating, but you don’t need to know about that to feel it.  Once your body makes the switch from fat storage to fat burning you’ll have the energy to exercise.  You will not burn fat by exercising if your body is in fat storage mode.  At least not for any sustained period of time without being starving and miserable.  Focus on getting that slow pace movement in first.  Park at the furthest parking space, take the dog for an extra trip around the block, pace while you’re on the phone… all the crap you’ve heard a hundred times before.  Eventually you’ll notice that you like it.  That there’s a steady source of fuel that can keep you going for longer than you ever thought possible.  That’s your fat burning.


After the fat starts feeding you, and you’re supercharged with energy, you’ll probably want to lift heavy things.  Maybe even sprint.


You’ll also notice that once you’re off the insulin roller coaster IFing, or Warrior style eating is almost effortless.  You just don’t get hungry until you’re… well, hungry.

I’m doing pretty well so far.   I’ve begun to sprint.  Twice now.  I have to confess, I actually kind of enjoy it.  My whole problem is where I do it.  There’s a hill that goes up to a cemetery in my subdivision.  Perfect hill for hill sprints, except for the fact that it leads to an area that overlooks the whole neighborhood.  Beautiful view, but it also means that I’m on display as I run (okay… waddle) up, and walk down, over and over for ten minutes or so.  I imagine my neighbors saying, “Is that Pat who keeps running up that hill?  Is he chasing something?  Why is he crying?”


I’m told that the comments are once again active.  So what’d’ya think?…..Pat

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